Since 2010, the Rice Biodiversity Center for Africa characterized nearly 9,000 accessions with 23 phenotypic descriptors in unreplicated field experiments and 28  grain physical, milling, cooking, and eating quality traits in a Grain Laboratory. In addition, a smaller set of 1,728 accessions (primarily O. glaberrima) were characterization for early morning flowering (EMF) trait by Dr. R. Venuprasad. The characterization datasets, along with the passport data, provide valuable information to genebank users, notably breeders and geneticists, to select accessions with combinations of traits of interest prior to requesting seeds for their breeding and research programs. Our datasets are useful for identifying subsets of accessions with specific traits of interest for further evaluation. However, the datasets should be used as indicative of the potential performance of each accession, which may not be accurate due to our use of a single replication and a single environment for characterization.

The entire phenotype characterization datasets can be downloaded from Genesys. In case the former link does not work, please go to Genesys, select “C&E Datasets”, select “Africa Rice Center” under “Data provider” on the left side of the screen, followed by “Apply Filter”, and finally select the “Dataset” tab from the top menu.

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